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Step 1 - is to come up with a rough sketch of the house for this we require a deposit of.


One Story
Two Story
0 - 4000 square feet = $100.00
4001 and up............ = $200.00
0 - 4000 square feet = $200.00
4001 and up............ = $400.00
We provide 8 changes for this price if you exceed 8 changes a $25 per change will be added.
Note 1: changes consist of several modifications per email or visit. If any questions contact us.
Step 2 - After you have approved the rough sketch we will proceed to the next and finial stage which will be designing the front view and a basic electrical layout of the house for your approval for this we do require 1/2 up front and the remaining 1/2 upon completion of the plans.
Step 3- After you approve step 2 that is it we go ahead and complete the plans for construction. At this time there will be no more changes allowed.